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Township Hack – Coins and Cash Cheats

Township is an amazing town-building simulation game, which allows gamers to build a town that needs to be entirely self-sufficient. In this game, you need to build a town from scratch and manage its growth and development. The game puts your creative and management skills to test at the same time, as you have to prioritize your tasks at hand otherwise you may need the help of our Township hack tool.

The game is available on Android, Windows, and iOS pocket platforms, where players can download and play the game for free. However, some premium items can be bought with real money or generated with Township hack. The game is extremely popular among gamers who enjoy town-building simulation game as the possibilities that can be used for upgrading the city are almost endless in Township.

Township hack

Mentioned below are some of the reasons that make Township one of the most popular town-building simulation games available on pocket platforms:


Township game gives you lots of options in buildings that you can construct and upgrade in order to develop your town. These buildings consist of Houses, Community Buildings, Factories, Farming, Decorations, and many more. Each of these buildings becomes accessible on completing certain level in the game, which in turn defines your overall progress.

Crop Growing And Processing:

You need to grow crops such as Wheat, Corn, Carrot, etc. and later process them into finished products such as Bread, Cookies, and Sugar. In addition to growing crops, you can also raise different farm animals such as Cows, Chicken, Sheep, Pigs, Duck, etc. These farm animals will let you obtain products such as Milk, Wool, Eggs, etc. Each of these animals can be raised only in certain buildings. For example; Cows can be raised in Cowshed, Chicken can be raised in Chicken Coop, etc.

Order System:

In order to boost the progress of gamers, the game also features an Order system where you can receive lots of orders from town people. On completing these orders, you will receive in-game currencies and experience points, which in turn help in the overall development of your town. If you have more number of residents in your town, then more will be the amount of orders placed!

Expansion Packs:

A developing town’s most important requirement is its ever increasing need for space. The game features lots of different buildings which you can construct in order to develop your town. As new buildings are available for construction, players can also purchase new plots in order to construct new buildings on them. Similar to buildings, even the expansion packs are made available on completion of certain levels in the game.

Special Buildings:

A developed town is incomplete without some special amenities; so, the game features lots of special buildings which enhances your town’s beauty and also serves as an additional source of income. Keep in mind that if you use Township hack you don’t have to worry about income. For instance; if you construct a zoo, you can earn money by charging a fee and you can also breed animals. Similarly, there are lots of special buildings such as Movie Theatres, Planetarium, Water Park, Banks, etc. which can be built in order to glorify your town.

All these things are not available together in any town-building game. This is the reason why millions of gamers enjoy playing Township game. Overall, the game provides varied Town building game experience. If you have already started playing Township game or want to try it out, then below-mentioned are some important things that you should know about the game.

In-Game Currencies:



The game features two types of currencies. The primary currency of the game is Coins and premium currency is Cash. Both these currencies play an important role in the growth and development of your town as each resource and item in the game can be purchased by using these currencies. Though these currencies seem similar to each other, but in reality they are poles apart. Both of the currencies can be generated with Township cheats.

Coins being a primary currency can be used to construct all sorts of buildings in the game. However, Cash can be used to purchase special buildings that cannot be bought by using Coins. Cash can also be used to speed things up and skip the wait time. That’s why people love our Township hack as they can easily generate Cash and Coins!

Even the earning mechanism is different for these currencies. Coins can be earned easily through regular activities such as completing orders and can be received in terms of fees for community services rendered. Also, they can be received in the form of rent of houses, etc. On the other hand, Cash cannot be earned by performing regular chores and are always awarded to players on certain occasions. These occasions includes leveling up and completion of co-operative tasks.

If you want to speed up your growth and development in the game then you need to either buy these currencies or master on how to use them cautiously. The gamers who wish to purchase these currencies can purchase them from the game store. It is advisable to choose a bigger package or combo package of currencies to save some bucks, because lucrative deals are offered on them. However our advice is to simply get resources with our Township hack.

Level Up Mechanism:

In this game, building things worth admiring will require a lot of time and patience. Leveling up is extremely important in the game, as lots of new buildings are available as you reach new levels. By constructing these buildings, you can earn regular flow of income in the form of rent or fees. You can always track your progress in the game by checking out the new buildings that will be available on leveling up, and accordingly plan to save enough for the new buildings.

Self-Sustained Town:

The game provides gamers an opportunity to go beyond their level of creativity and construct a self-sustained town, which has all the required amenities for long-term growth and sustainability. Town building is not a day’s activity! It requires lots of dedication towards striking an equitable balance between building community buildings, farm buildings, employment buildings and houses.

If your town has more houses but less employment facilities or if your town has more number of community buildings but less population then your town will never be called as a developed town. In order to strike an equal balance, you have to work towards all-round development of your town and not focus on developing certain things.


It is one of the most important components, which describes your town as under-developed, developing, or developed. Population is the number of persons who are residing in your town. This number will keep on fluctuating as lots of people leave the town and migrate to other towns. More and more number of people will be induced to stay at your town if the amount of community buildings available is high.

In order to accommodate them, you will have to construct more number of houses and commercial buildings. You can see the optimum size of your town population from the population meter and thereby plan construction of community buildings, commercial buildings, or houses. More number of houses in the surroundings also brings in more number of orders, which in turn rewards you in terms of Coins on fulfillment.

Achievement System And Co-operative Gameplay:

In order to provide a proper guiding system to the gamers who are new to town building gameplay, the game features achievements table where you are assigned certain quests. On completion of these quests, you will receive rewards such as Coins, Cash, and Experience Points.

No matter how developed your town is; it can always be better with a little help from some friends! The game features an engaging co-operative gameplay where you can connect with other online players by using social networking account and collectively complete quests and share rewards.

To conclude, if you have ever wished of building a beautiful town where you can easily control everything at the tip of your fingers, then you should try playing Township game. The game has acquired 4.5 stars out of 5 on the rating chart. The Township game can be simply described in one word as ‘Brilliant’! Do give it a shot and also try our Township hack!


Township Hack